The Secrets of the Quantum Bigfoot with Ron Morehead | Monsters on the Edge #50

Ron Morehead has been known for decades for his world-wide research into the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. He is an author, researcher, lecturer, experiencer, and producer of the Sierra Sounds.

To date, he comes closer than any other researcher to having a complete body of evidence.
The Sierra Sounds are the only Bigfoot recordings that have been scientifically studied, time-tested, and accredited as genuine. Ron has documented his personal interactions with these giant beings and produced his story on a CD and also in a book, “Voices in the Wilderness.”

In order to try and understand the enigmas associated with these giants, he began to delve into Quantum Physics for the scientific answers that he and his hunting friends experienced, and as a result he wrote another thought-provoking book,” The Quantum Bigfoot.”

Ron now resides with his partner, Keri, in North Carolina, but has traveled from Alaska to Patagonia and from North America to Siberia in search of the truth to how these beings are able to stay so hidden from Classical science.

Besides being the keynote Speaker at many conventions, he has been featured on countless radio programs and TV documentaries such as the Learning Channel and Travel Channel.

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