The Squatchfather's Sacred Site | Discover Sasquatch #17

Have you ever heard about the howls echoing through the Hudson Valley forests? They say it's just the wind, but some believe it's something far more. Join us as we delve into the world of cryptozoology with Alfred"The Squatchfather" Santariga.

For decades, the Squatchfather has dedicated himself to researching the elusive Sasquatch along with other Cryptids, particularly within the shrouded wilderness of the Hudson Valley. He'll share his experiences, debunk myths, and discuss his groundbreaking approach.
The Sacred Site Al's habituation zone might just hold the key to finally proving the existence of Sasquatch.

Prepare for a thrilling exploration of:
• The Squatchfather's personal Bigfoot encounters
• Deciphering Bigfoot behavior and communication
• The secrets of the Sacred Site and its potential for groundbreaking discovery
• The latest advancements in cryptozoological research.

Whether you're a seasoned Sasquatch believer or a curious skeptic, The Untold Network's Discover Sasquatch will challenge your perception and ignite your sense of wonder. Subscribe now and get ready to confront the mystery that awaits in the shadows of the Hudson Valley. Join us live on 5/6/24 8pm est. See you all then.