The UFO Reality with Glenn Steckling | Talking Weird #76

Captain G. S. Steckling is the curator / director of the sixty-year-old plus George Adamski Foundation, one of the oldest enduring worldwide UFO organizations in existence.A university graduate, veteran 30-year airline pilot with more than 23,000 hours of flight time across the globe, Glenn is also an amateur astronomer, author, and lecturer. He emphatically shares his extensive UFO experiences and history. Upgrading his father's 1981 book WE DISCOVERED ALIEN BASES ON THE MOON in 1997, and extensively adding to the George Adamski book BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS, republished in 2015.He continues speaking worldwide, while maintaining an extensive UFO archive and research program and remains absolute on emphasizing the importance of preserving and educating the public regarding accurate UGO historical information and documentation – accentuating scientific fact and reasoning, versus the trending populism towards the substitution of science fiction, wishful thinking, or vivid imagination, increasingly distorting this field.Steadfast, he remains concentrated on the reality and vital importance of the substantial, undeniable contributions and benefits of extraterrestrial visitations, and necessity of our own vibrant space program.Visit the official George Adamski Foundation website at: http://www.adamskifoundation.comGet Glenn's latest book, UFO REALITY - CAN TRUTH PREVAIL? here:'s YouTube Channel is here: returns to Talking Weird to chat about his new book - THE U.F.O. REALITY: CAN TRUTH PREVAIL? - and share his more that 50 years worth of experiences and knowledge of the UFO field. So get ready for a fascinating episode!