The UFOs of Soesterberg with Bram Roza | Talking Weird #79

Bram Roza made his film debut in 2018 with the critically acclaimed documentary XANGADIX LIVES!, a documentary about the bizarre origins and impact of the Dutch cult film The Johnsons.His second film seemed a logical choice. As early as primary school, all his speeches and papers were about UFOs. Bram's fascination with the subject never passed, and he founded the Dutch UFO Reporting Center in 2005. An organization which receives about 100 UFO reports every month. As a result, Bram speaks with a lot of very normal people who have very abnormal stories.THE UFO'S OF SOESTERBERG - which is having it's the US premiere of at MidWest WeirdFest, March 1-3, at the Micon Downtown Cinema, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin - tells these kinds of stories from an objective point of view, by just letting the people speak out on what they experienced. Bram wants to show you that UFOs are not just an American pop culture phenomenon. Sightings and experiences happens all the time, all over the world.THE UFO'S OF SOESTERBERG is the first Dutch documentary about this elusive phenomenon. It tells the story of the Netherlands most famous UFO incident. A dozen soldiers at Soesterberg Airbase (also known as Camp New Amsterdam) saw an enormous UFO at the heart of the cold war. But it doesn't end there...MidWest WeirdFest program page for THE UFO'S OF SOESTERBERG: the documentary's trailer here: visits with Talking Weird, to chat about his film, as well as the state of UFO research in the Netherlands, and his insights on the phenomenon. Get ready for a fascinating episode!