The Yowie & Other Oz Cryptids with Gary Opit | Talking Weird #40

Gary Opit is an environmental consultant, radio broadcaster, teacher, author, and International Athena Foundation Earth Champion. (Visit Gary on Facebook here: )He is the author of AUSTRALIAN CRYPTOZOOLOGY and UNDERSTANDING HUMANS AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS.Internationally recognized as an expert on the “Yowie” - Australia's own Bigfoot like cryptid – and other Australian cryptids, he has appeared on several North American, UK, and Australian documentaries about Yowies, thylacines and giant goannas. Some of these include Douf Hajicek's MONSTERQUEST, FINDING BIGFOOT, and BOOGEYMEN.Gary is a frequent presenter at Australia's classic NEXUS MAGAZINE CONFERENCES and other Australian cons.His writings have appeared on the Jeff Rense website, and in the AUSTRALIAN UFOLOGIST.Gary is an environmental consultant with a field research and public relations career spanning 55 years, He has lectured on botany, zoology, geography, ecology, permaculture, cosmology, Aboriginal ecology, religion, and culture.He is also the wildlife expert / environmental consultant for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation North Coast New South Wales Radio, 94.5 FM. And he has a weekly talkback radio broadcast at 6:40 am, every Saturday morning. It has been broadcasting since February 1997.He is globally recognized for his work in understanding and protecting the Earth’s natural environment, and has been actively involved in wildlife conservation since 1965. In August 2003, the International Athena Foundation and Byron Shire Council awarded Gary the title of “Earth Champion”.Gary visits with Talking Weird to chat about the Yowie (including his own experiences with the creature) and a wide range of other Australian crytipds.This is a fascinating and information packed show with Australia's premier cryptozoologist! Do not miss it!