They Know Where You Live | Discover Sasquatch #18

Join us tonight as we delve into the Mississippi Sasquatch with local Mississippi investigator Barry Browning. Barry is dedicated to searching for the elusive Sasquatch, combing the backwoods of the South for signs of this hairy cryptid, and even sometimes in his own backyard. His experiences go beyond Bigfoot – Barry has also had otherworldly encounters, including sightings of mysterious orbs. In this episode, we'll hear:
• Berry's personal Bigfoot obsession and the evidence he's collected.
• Hair-raising tales of treks through the Mississippi wilderness.
• What drove Barry to search for Sasquatch in the first place.
• Unexplained encounters with orbs and what they might mean.
• Is Bigfoot out there, and are we not alone in the universe?

A wild ride into the unknown awaits as we explore the world of a Sasquatch Investigator with a surprising twist. Tonight 8pm est on the Untold Radio Networks Discover Sasquatch.