EP 69 – Tim Halloran – Author of the Upcoming Book - The Bigfoot Influencers

Tim Halloran is the author of the upcoming book, The Bigfoot Influencers. The book highlights researchers, scientists, and influencers who are currently performing impactful work on the study related to the subject of Bigfoot. With the influencers, Tim dives into their theories, experiences, and research, giving readers a glimpse into their historical impact on the subject and their current projects.

Tim’s inspiration to write the book began with a personal quest to better understand who is actively studying the Bigfoot Phenomenon and what motivates them to do so. He soon realized the enormous and strategic efforts being put forth by individuals and groups across North America. With this in mind, the book brings all of these individuals together for the readers. Whether you are an enthusiast or a researcher, The Bigfoot Influencers shares fascinating experiences and facts about the influencers in North America and the impact they are having.

The Bigfoot Influencers is the first of a series. Future books will take a more focused approach on the Influencers in specific regions of North America.

Twitter: @BFInluencers
Instagram: thebigfootinfluencers