Tony Healy: New Zealand Cryptids Bigfoot, Giant Moa, Big Cats & More | Down South Anomalies # 81

Tony Healy is one of Australia’s most well-respected cryptozoologists. He has travelled the world in search of monsters & mysteries. Authored numerous books with his colleague and fellow researcher Paul Cropper. He has extensively investigated sightings of not only the Oz bigfoot, The Yowie but also a plethora of other even stranger unseen mystery animals, sea serpents and relic birds. Not one to shy away from the supernatural elements that could be involved he has also authored work on poltergeist activity. In this episode he discusses his time in New Zealand and the multitude of cryptid reports there, which include the giant Moa, the Waitoreke (otter) & their bigfoot The Moehau plus more. Tony has many decades of research up his sleeves and is a true gentleman of the anomalous research world. We are grateful for his time spent with us.