Tree Structures: An Experimental Design | Grasping Sasquatch #14

Field Researchers continue to cite various forms of tree structures as firm evidence and/or proof of the existence of Sasquatch. Logical reasoning strategies are used to argue that only a Sasquatch could possibly create these structures based on the structure’s size/height, configuration and location (among other factors). This apparently continues to fall on deaf ears or is otherwise viewed as insufficient proof within the scientific community, (what isn’t!). In this episode, I will attempt to demonstrate how experimental design could be used to begin to scientifically explore attributions of tree structures to Sasquatch, while simultaneously controlling for the primary “rule out” influence of humans. This will be presented as a “work in progress” to illustrate how psychological experimental design can isolate the Sasquatch influence in creating these structures. Audience feedback and suggestions will be integrated into the experimental design as this represents a creative process best accomplished using multiple minds! Yet another “must see” for the experiential field researcher hoping to prove the existence of Sasquatch!!!