True Story of the Minnesota Iceman w/ Man Who Saw It First Hand | Monsters on the Edge #53

In the 1960-1970s a promoter by the name of Frank Hansen toured the country side with what he claimed was the real body of an ape man frozen in a block of ice. Some say that this creature was a hoax, while other claim it’s a Sasquatch, and some say it could even be a Rock Ape from Vietnam.

Although the original specimen is lost to the world after Frank replaced it with a 100% fake version later on, there is at least ONE man who was there and can tell us what he saw first hand. The man responsible for bringing it to the attention of Ivan T Sanderson, and Bernard Heuvelman, Mr. Terry Cullen.

Terry Cullen is the founder and director of The Cullen Vivarium, and Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy, senior member of the IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group and eight of the subgroups. Terry is also a member of Species Survival Commission, Crocodile DNA Group, American Society of Herpetologists and Icthyologists, and Mabuwia Foundarion for conservation of Philippine crocodiles. Founder of Chinese alligator project, Conceptualizer and efectuater of the AZA Crocodilian School. First person to ever establish a fund raising program for crocodilian conservation. CycluraCreated first conservation program for the critically endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) Rediscovered the crested toad (Bufo lemur) In 1963. Thought to be extinct since the 1920's Rediscovered the Jamaican rock iguana (Cyclura collei) in 1983. Thought to be extinct since the 1920's Past chairman of the Gharial survival group (USA)

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