UFO Cult Secrets with Eli Watson | Talking Weird #32

Eli Watson is a cryptozoologist and a filmmaker with a special interest in historical mysteries and the unexplained. Starting his own podcast CRYPTID CAMPFIRE in 2018, he began his foray into the world of the anomalous and began working with Small Town Monsters in 2021.First co-hosting the series BEYOND THE TRAIL, to helming his own YouTube series MYSTERIES & MONSTERS, Eli has worked on several feature length productions for STM.Eli visits with Talking Weird to chat about his latest documentary MYSTERIES AND MONSTERS EPISODE II: MOUNTAIN OF GOD UFO CULT.This fascinating film looks at an all but forgotten doomsday UFO cult from Southern California, whose mysterious activities allegedly ranged from contact with ETs, through digging for Noah's Ark, to providing a nudist retreat for Hollywood stars!Eli also chats about some of his research into Bigfoot and other upcoming projects.This is a fascinating episode that you don't want to miss!