UFOs and Horror with David Metcalfe | Talking Weird #23

David Metcalfe ( https://davidmetcalfe.wordpress.com/ ) is currently a Scholar in Virtual Residence with the Windbridge Institute and the Editor-in-Chief for the Windbridge Research Center's Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness studies.

He is a researcher, writer and multimedia specialist focusing on the interrelationship of art, culture, and consciousness. In 2011 he established the Liminal Analytics: Applied Research Collaborative to focus on testing and deploying a unique combination of applied scholarship, market intelligence, digital media and social network development in order to build strategic multidisciplinary lines of communication.

David visits with Talking Weird to talk about the overlooked intersections between the horror genre, and UFO narratives: Notably those which appear in the alien abduction/contact experience.

Do not miss this insightful discussion about the UFO phenomenon, from some unique angles that you've likely never even considered!