UFOs, Death, and the Paranormal with Joshua Cutchin | Talking Weird #9

Joshua Cutchin returns to Talking Weird! He chats with Dean and Jenn about his fantastic new book ECOLOGY OF SOULS: A NEW MYTHOLOGY OF DEATH & THE PARANORMAL.

This, Cutchin's two volume magnum opus, presents an extensive overview of beliefs about life after death, and their intersection with UFO, paranormal and mystical phenomena: From psychopomps and doppelgängers, through shamanism and psychedelic experiences, to fairies, flying saucers, aliens, and beyond.

Joshua has appeared on countless paranormal programs discussing his work. He is the author of seven critically-acclaimed books including THIEVES IN THE NIGHT: A BRIEF HISTORY OF SUPERNATURAL CHILD ABDUCTIONS and WHERE THE FOOTPRINTS END: HIGH STRANGENESS AND THE BIGFOOT PHENOMENON with Timothy Renner.

This is a fascinating and thought provoking episode, which takes a deep dive into some of the most perplexing mysteries that haunt the human soul. You don't want to miss it!