Unleashing The Sasquatch Mystery | Discover Sasquatch #15

Deep in the misty forests of Washington, where shadows stretch long and secrets hide among the towering pines, there walks a woman on a mission. Her name is Barbara Shupe. Barb believes something incredible lurks just beyond the veil of our understanding,and she doesn't face the unknown alone. By her side, always a pawprint ahead, is her loyal canine companion Goldie. Goldie is more than just a pet; she's her partner, her furry sixth sense in the wilderness. Together, they venture into the unknown, armed with courage and curiosity. We will delve into the high strangeness, the legends, and the chilling encounters that have fueled Barb over the years to try and find answers to the mystery. But most importantly, we'll explore the heart of her passion, what drives her to keep pushing the boundaries of the unknown, and the unique bond she shares with her canine companion on this extraordinary journey into the realm of the Sasquatch. Join us tonight LIVE 2/22/24 on The Untold Radio Network's Discover Sasquatch at 8pm est.