Utah Sasquatch | Discover Sasquatch #14

Have you ever felt the chill crawl up your spine as you hear twigs snap in the dead of night? In the remote mountains of Utah, one man was dedicated to finding the answer: is Sasquatch real? Nathan Reo, also known as "Utah Sasquatch" spent years trekking through dense forests and canyons, meticulously tracking the elusive Sasquatch. He claimed to have heard their calls, seen their footprints, and even glimpsed the shadowy figures themselves. Reo's relentless pursuit garnered attention, but it also brought harsh criticism and ridicule.

This podcast dives into Nathan Reo's story - the triumphs, the tribulations, and the toll it took on his life. We'll explore what led him to abandon his quest, and why, after years of silence, Utah Sasquatch is considering coming back. Join us 8pm est 4/15/24 on The Untold Radio Network's Discover Sasquatch: As we revisit chilling encounters, debunk myths, and ask the question: could there be something lurking in the wilds of Utah after all?