Voodoo, Vampires, & Vixens with Richard & Anastasia Elfman | Talking Weird #83

Richard Elfman is a cult film director, performer, writer, and musician, who founded the musical/theatrical group "Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo" (later transformed into "Oingo Boingo" with his brother Danny Elfman). Hs has subsequently directed television, feature films and produced 275 band and celebrity video interviews for Buzzine Media.
He's also a long-time food and wine columnist and has recently published his first novel, "The Schlimazel of Sebreim." Two more novels are scheduled for publication, and he currently directs theatre.
Anastasia Elfman was raised in Laguna Beach, California, the daughter of former Marines, she grew up with classical cello and ballet juxtaposed with hardcore weekends at Marine youth camp. Anastasia continued with ballet and subsequent acting with the South Coast Repertory Company, study with the Stella Adler Academy and various comedy workshops.
Anastasia presently works as a stage and screen actress, director, dancer, choreographer and burlesque artist. She lives in the Hollywood Hills with husband Richard Elfman, whom she collaborates with on music/dance projects with their band Mambo Diabolico. They also have an upcoming slate of horror films, the first BLOODY BRIDGET is presently making the festival circuit.
BLOODY BRIDGET is a bloody, and bloody hilarious, horror comedy, wherein Voodoo deity Baron Samedi transforms a down on her luck burlesque dancer (Anastasia Elfman) into a "Valentine Vampire." But blood only whets her appetite; to satiate her gory desires she must eat her victims' beating hearts! The film features music by Danny Elfman and Ego Plum.
Fresh from their wins with BLOODY BRIDGET earlier this month at A Night of Horror International Film Festival (Richard won "Best Director" and Anastasia "Best Female Performance"), they visit with Talking Weird to chat about their latest film, their inspirations, their amazing life stories, and their fascination with the weird!
This will be an incredible and unique conversation with two of the most vibrant personalities in the horror/weird space. You don't want to miss it!