Werewolves Unearthed | Mysterious Library #58

Your hosts Dr. Dean Bertram and Jason McLean are back in the audio-visual wing of the Mysterious Library. This week they check out the fantastic upcoming Small Town Monsters documentary: WEREWOLVES UNEARTHED from producer Seth Breedlove and directors Ward Hiney and Chad Christy. Documentarian Ward Hiney and skeptical journalist Chad Christy have teamed up, along with Small Town Monsters, to chase down leads of dogman sightings in the Ohio Valley. Stories of werewolves have drifted from European folklore into modern American pop culture, percolating in the subconscious of the populace for centuries. These tales often tell of terrifying, half-man/half-canid beings that roam the forests and fields after dark. Most think of them as little more than campfire stories meant to scare children, but for some there is much more to this than mere mythology. Now filmmaker Ward Hiney, leading WEREWOLVES UNEARTHED, a new Small Town Monsters production, is set to lift the veil on the enigmatic “dogman” of North America. A recent rash of werewolf sightings in western Pennsylvania have grabbed the attention of documentarian Ward Hiney. In order to get to the truth behind these ongoing encounters, he enlisted journalist and ardent skeptic Chad Christy in an effort to film their investigation, hoping to unravel the mysterious events unfolding in the Shanango Valley. As they spoke with witnesses and experts, a pattern emerged that might help establish what is behind ongoing sightings of werewolves in America's Heartland. Join your Mysterious Librarians as they take an early bite into this hair-raising film in tonight's episode.