Yes! There Is a Santa Claus and I Believe in Sasquatch! | Grasping Sasquatch #20

This week, we’ll lighten things up a bit!! From Chapter 1 in “Psychological Horizons in Scientific Bigfoot Research” (available on Amazon), we’ll examine my own biases (and hopefully others’) on the existence of Sasquatch. After briefly reviewing the evidence for Santa Claus, we will reflect on philosophical issues associated comparing faith, belief and knowledge/evidence. We will then look closer at Sasquatch Evidence. This promises to be a fantastical and fantastic perspective on Sasquatch!! I hope to see you there for this fun and informative show!! You won’t see any other Sasquatch Show like it! … but if you can’t attend, please remember that the recorded show can be viewed on YouTube or Facebook and through the Untold Radio Network. An audio podcast version can also be downloaded from most major podcast platforms