Yeti, Bigfoot and Sasquatch go to the Movies | Down South Anomalies #22

Jay Katz and Aspasia present an abridged history of the parallel hominid on the Silver screen. Yeti followed by bigfoot exploded in cinemas world wide due to reports coming out of the Mimalayas and California. Due to the sceptisism in the press, these stories of a relic living hominid became relegated to B through to Z film makers. This is one wild ride through exploitation cinema from the 1950 to the late 70's. Don't expect the Patterson Gimlin film here! " Once seen cannot be unseen" Bewlow links to 7 of the 14 film discussed in their entirety if you dareThe Snow Creature 1954 1970 of the Mutilated 1974 Mysterious Monsters 1975 Curse of Bigfoot 1975 Giant of the 20th Century 1977 Beast 1977