Facebook Publishing with Vista Social

As the top social media network in the world right now with over 2.9 billion users, Facebook remains a critical part of social media management. It is the perfect platform to build a community and grow your brand especially if you are just starting out. Best of all, it also has the widest array of supported content types available for publishing natively or via 3rd party platforms. With Vista Social, not only can you schedule content on Facebook, but we also provide comprehensive reporting, the ability to respond to comments and messages, and manage reviews!

In this article, we will discuss content scheduling on Facebook via Vista Social including our supported content types, posting features, limitations, and some publication examples. 

Content types that can be published via Vista Social

Content-Type Supported Content-Type Supported
Text only post Single GIF post
Text w/ in-line link Single video post
Text w/ link preview Multiple video post ✖️
Text w/ link + image Post w/ call-to-action button
Single image post Post w/ first comment
Multiple image post Post w/ like ✖️
Carousel post Post w/ tagging ✖️

Scheduling Facebook posts w/ Vista Social

To get started, click the Publish icon on the left side of the dashboard, select Facebook from your list of profiles, and choose from the four posting options (single post, bulk publishing, find content, and smart publishing) as shown below:


Note that Facebook currently has a character limit of 5,000 and you can immediately see the post preview on the right side to get an idea of what it would look like once published.


Supported multi-image posting features

There are 3 ways to post multiple images via Vista Social: Image, Carousel, and Slideshow


1. Image

Facebook allows you to schedule up to 5 images in a single post:


2. Carousel post

This format allows users to post 2 or more images and/or videos, each with its own headline, description, link and call to action. Note that a link is required in the text before you can successfully schedule a carousel post.


3. Slideshow

Allows you to post the multiple images in a slideshow video.


Additional posting features supported by Vista Social

1. First comment - automatically adds a comment to the post once published

2. Call to action button - links to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with the business' goals 

3. Publish as image - removes the link preview and publishes the post as a text + image only 

4. Audience targeting - the post will focus on certain demographics: by country, relationship status, gender, or age.


Below are some sample posts that were published via Vista Social! 

1. Text only post

Content with text only - no links, images, or videos


2. Text w/ in-line link

Content with text and a plain URL within the same line


3. Text w/ link preview

A line of text with a link that includes a title, description, and an image to get a preview of what the link is about


4. Single image post

Image post which may or may not include a text or a text + link


5. GIF post

GIF is a short animation that is normally used for sharing emotions or memes that might be difficult to express through text


6. Single video post

Videos are used to gain more attention and increase conversion since they entertain the audience more than a regular text or an image post. See video posting guidelines for Facebook here.


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