Instagram Publishing with Vista Social

In the United States alone, Instagram has over 77 million active users per month with more than half of millennials using it every single day. That being said, whether you are a small business or a big brand, not being on Instagram is not a very wise thing to do, especially with its average engagement per post growing at a rate of more than 53% per year! With Vista Social, not only can you directly schedule content on Instagram, but we also provide comprehensive reporting and the ability to respond to comments and messages!

In this article, we will discuss content scheduling on Instagram via Vista Social including our supported content types, posting features, limitations, and some publication examples. 


Types of posts that can be published to Instagram

  • Single image posts
  • Multiple image posts - carousels.
  • Single video posts
  • Multiple video posts - carousels.
  • Reels (direct publishing, no notifications, no workarounds, no hacks)


Content types that can be published via Vista Social

Content-Type Supported Content-Type Supported
Text only post ✖️ Single GIF post
Text w/ in-line link ✖️ Single video post
Text w/ link preview ✖️ Multiple video post
Text w/ link + image Post w/ call-to-action button ✖️
Single image post Post w/ first comment
Multiple image post Post w/ like ✖️
Carousel post Post w/ tagging

Scheduling Instagram posts w/ Vista Social

To get started, click the Publish icon on the left side of the dashboard, select Instagram from your list of profiles, and choose from the four posting options (single post, bulk publishing, find content, and smart publishing) as shown below:


Note that Instagram currently has a character limit of 2,200 and you can immediately see the post preview on the right side to get an idea of what it would look like once published.

Additional posting features supported by Vista Social

1. User tagging - the ability to tag Instagram users (public profiles only)

2. First comment - automatically adds a comment to the post once published

3. Location tagging - the ability to add a location to the post

4. Enable/disable comments - by default, users can comment on the post but you may disable this at the time of scheduling


Below are some sample Instagram posts that were published via Vista Social! 


1. Single image post

Image post which may or may not include a text or a text + link


2. GIF post

GIF is a short animation that is normally used for sharing emotions or memes that might be difficult to express through text


3. Single video post

Videos are used to gain more attention and increase conversion since they entertain the audience more than an image post. See video posting guidelines for Instagram here.


4. Carousel post

A carousel post is a post with multiple photos or videos that can be viewed by swiping or clicking left. you may directly schedule up to 10 images or videos in a single post.



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