Scheduling Carousel posts to Facebook

When scheduling a post with multiple images, you can choose to publish it as a carousel on Facebook instead of the default grid post.

Important to read before getting started

  • Only Facebook Pages support carousel posts (not groups)
  • Your post must contain a link for carousel posts
  • To add titles, you must add an Alt text to your images

How to Schedule a Facebook Carousel Post

Start your post by either clicking Publish  > Publish a single post to open the scheduling window


... or by selecting your images from the media library and clicking Create a post



Make sure that a Facebook page is selected on the list of social profiles and that your post contains a link (required)



On the Facebook preview area, change the "Publish as" setting to "Carousel"



To edit the title to be used for each image, click on Edit image

Use the Alternative Text field to type in the Title you'd like to use for this image.

Once you've done this for all the images in your carousel, you can publish your carousel to Facebook.


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