Short Form Video Title Templates and Video Requirements

Make sure you use the Title templates shown below so that I can track the video analytics and make sure you paid for any royalties collected on the video.

Below are templates of how the video titles should be structured, with an example one filled out for reference. For the Youtube shorts to show up, you need to include the hashtag #shorts in the title and the description.

For clips from your podcast shows, make sure to include the episode number.


Title Example:
What Do Bigfoots Eat? | Untold Radio AM #shorts

Description Example:
Bigfoots eat something but what is it? Watch and find out. #sasquatch #shorts

Notice that the episode number is included in the title.

Title Example:
Bigfoots Feed Off Wild Hogs? | Untold Radio AM #127 #shorts

Description Example:
Bigfoots Feed Off Wild Hogs? | Untold Radio AM #127 #shorts

Short Form Title Templates:

{Content Title} | Coffee Time #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Down South Anomalies #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Grasping Sasquatch #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | The Bigfoot Influencers #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | The Sasquatch Outpost #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Monsters on the Edge #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Mysterious Library #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Pine Island Research #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Talking Weird #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Weird Encounters #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Wide Open Research #shorts EP {Episode Number}

{Content Title} | Untold Radio AM #shorts EP {Episode Number}

Keywords List for Youtube Videos Organized by Topic

Aliens & UFOs

UFO sightings, alien encounters, extraterrestrial life, Area 51, Roswell incident, alien abduction, unidentified flying objects, ancient aliens, alien conspiracy theories, UFO documentaries, alien technology, crop circles, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), alien civilizations, UFO crash sites, alien contact, UFO evidence, alien theories, UFO history, extraterrestrial evidence, alien cover-up, UFO phenomena, alien species, space mysteries, interstellar travel

Bigfoot & Sasquatch

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Cryptids, Cryptozoology, Bigfoot sightings, Sasquatch sightings, Bigfoot research, Sasquatch research, Bigfoot evidence, Sasquatch evidence, Bigfoot encounters, Sasquatch encounters, Bigfoot myths, Sasquatch myths, Bigfoot history, Sasquatch history, Bigfoot documentary, Sasquatch documentary, Bigfoot hunters, Sasquatch hunters, Bigfoot in the wild, Sasquatch in the wild, Bigfoot legends, Sasquatch legends, Bigfoot exploration, Sasquatch exploration, Bigfoot tracks


Celebrities, Famous Personalities, Celebrity News, Hollywood Stars, Entertainment Industry, Pop Culture, Celebrity Lifestyle, Star Gossip, Red Carpet Events, Celebrity Fashion, Movie Stars, Music Celebrities, TV Personalities, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Trends, Celebrity Influencers, Showbiz, Glamour, Celebrity Updates, Fan Culture, Celebrity Spotlights, Celebrity Sightings, A-List Celebrities, Behind the Scenes, Celebrity Social Media

Cryptids & Cryptozoology

Cryptozoology, Cryptids, Legendary Creatures, Mythical Beasts, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Mothman, Chupacabra, Jersey Devil, Sea Monsters, Mysterious Animals, Unknown Species, Folklore Creatures, El Chupacabra, Nessie, Yowie, Cryptid Sightings, Mokele-Mbembe, Cryptid Research, Cryptid Stories, Cryptozoologist, Unexplained Mysteries, Paranormal Creatures, Cryptid Documentaries, Monster Hunting, Anomalous Animals, Cryptid Evidence, Cryptid Expeditions, Cryptid Lore

Paranormal & Ghosts

Ghost Hunting, Paranormal Investigation, Haunted Places, Spirit Communication, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), Poltergeist Activity, Paranormal Evidence, Supernatural Encounters, Haunted History, Ghost Stories, Paranormal Research, Séance, Ouija Board, Paranormal Documentary, Ghost Sightings, Haunted House, Paranormal Phenomena, Ghostly Apparitions, Paranormal Equipment, Paranormal Activity, Haunted Exploration, Spirit Orbs, Paranormal Mysteries


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics, Genetics, Evolution, Ecology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Astrophysics, Environmental Science, Geology, Paleontology, Zoology, Botany, Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Particle Physics, Earth Science, Oceanography, Meteorology, Climatology, Biophysics, Experimental Science, Scientific Research, Laboratory Techniques, Scientific Method, Data Analysis, Scientific Innovation, Technological Advances

Mysteries & Crime

True Crime, Unsolved Mysteries, Crime Investigations, Mystery Cases, Cold Cases, Detective Stories, Criminal Psychology, Forensic Analysis, Law Enforcement, Crime Documentaries, Serial Killers, Criminal Profiles, Mystery Solving, Crime Scene Investigation, Murder Mysteries, Criminal Justice, Suspenseful Tales, Crime History, Notorious Criminals, Police Work, Thriller Stories, Legal Mysteries, Crime Theory, Criminal Minds, Investigative Journalism

Sweet Spot for Shortform Content For Multiple Platforms (Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and Facebook Reels)

9:16 (iOS and Android Phone Screen Size)
Width: 1080 x Height 1920 px

15 - 60 seconds


Include this text: #shorts


Include this text: #shorts 

Video Requirements Per Platform:

Youtube Shorts Video Requirements:

For the videos to appear in the shorts tab on Youtube, all of these must be done:

  1. Ratio of 9:16 (iOS and Android Phone Screen Size)
  2. Video title needs to include the tag #shorts
  3. Description of the video needs to include the tag #shorts
  4. Video needs to be between 3-60 seconds

If you don't do all three, the video can still be posted to youtube but won't be considered a 'shorts' video by Youtube.

You can still have it up as a series of short-form content, but ideally, they would be appropriately formatted to help with discovery.

Instagram Video Requirements:

9:16 (iOS and Android Phone Screen Size)
Width: 1080 x Height 1920 px

Minimum Resolution:
720 pixels

Less Than 90 seconds

Twitter Short Video Requirements:

Maximum File Size:
512 MB

1 - 140 Seconds

Facebook 'Reels' Short-form Video Requirements

9:16 (iOS and Android Phone Screen Size)
Width: 1080 x Height 1920 px

03 - 90 Seconds

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