Quickstart Guide - Sharing Short Videos and Social Media Content

Social Media Management Software Login

Vista Social

Password will be the same as it is for Canva, Streamyard, and the Group Email.


Short Form Video Title Templates and Video Requirements

Creating Short form Content from Your Interviews Using Local Recordings and AI

Enabling Local Recordings for Short Form Content Creation Later

Creating Short Form Content: Downloading Individual Videos

Creating Clips with the Assistance of AI 

Link to the AI Shortform Video Generator Opus Pro

Login to Opus Clips using the Network@UntoldRadioAM.com email and the password will be sent to the network@untoldradioam.com email.

Uploading and Clipping the Local Recording

Selecting Shortform Content from the Clips Generated

Editing AI Generated Clips

Adjusting Video Start and End for Better Flow

Efficiently Editing Multiple Clips in a Row

How to Cut Out Bad Video/Audio in the Middle of the Content

Adjusting the Cropping of Short form Videos

How to Add B-Roll to Your Short Clips

Scheduling Your Shortform AI Generated Content

How to Schedule and Drip-feed Clips on Multiple Platforms

Direct Link to the Calendar Section on the Social Media Publishing Platform Vista-Social

Password for Vista-Social will be the same as it is for Canva, Streamyard, and the Group Email.

Additional Walkthrough Tutorials with Alex

Posting Custom Shortform Content on Tiktok, Youtube Shorts, and More

Publishing Youtube Shorts and More - Directly Within Streamyard

Posting Streamyard Shorts on Tiktok and More

Adding or Finding Media

Attaching images, videos, and other media to your posts

Design images with Canva

Finding great social media content

Finalizing Content for Publishing

Customizing Short Video Thumbnails

Adding hashtags to a post

Universal Mentions - Mention users in posts


How do I schedule posts for multiple social channels at the same time?

Detailed Publishing Instructions for Each Platform

How to Publish YouTube Shorts on Vista Social

Pinterest Publishing with Vista Social

Twitter Publishing with Vista Social

Instagram Publishing with Vista Social

TikTok Publishing with Vista Social

Facebook Publishing with Vista Social

Scheduling Carousel posts to Facebook


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